• Well-meaning Advice

    Friday's Thoughts: The other night, my 8th grader told me she was already nervous about 9th grade even before the pandemic started. What concerns you the most? "I don't know what I want to do when I grow up." Why do you have to know before 9th grade? "Because it's not too long from there that you go to college and basically you have to know what you are going to do before you get to college. " ...and so we embarked on a little undoing of what some well-meaning teachers had impressed…

  • Marvel

    Early this summer, our neighbor gave us an old outdoor planter from her backyard still laden with soil from years of plantings. What we did not know is that there were some seeds in there, just waiting for the long summer and heat of late August to grow and bloom. We thought they were weeds at first because they were mixed in with some clover that had taken root, but as they grew, they bloomed into Celosia. Officially, it's an annual in this planting zone. Either way, when you look them up, they…

  • Next First Blossom

    This is a big deal, because this lemon tree has been through a bunch. Shortly after it began blooming two years ago, our puppy got into it and ate it. We found one lone stem with roots still attached in our backyard.

  • To My Children at the End of Summer 2020:

    We’ve said it already, many times: This year will be unlike any before. I wish we could tell you that this will end — but when and how much, I can’t say. All we have is now. Even before you were born, I had great dreams for you and what your lives would be. I also knew that very little is certain in this life, so I tried to give you everything I could dream that you would need. When I couldn’t give it to you, I would fight for or figure out something close that would be good enough, all the wh…

  • Hydrangea Tanka

    Brushed blue hydrangea fingertips on deep green heights flutter in sky light before color fully seeps, unveil the next step whispers.

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