Early this summer, our neighbor gave us an old outdoor planter from her backyard still laden with soil from years of plantings. What we did not know is that there were some seeds in there, just waiting for the long summer and heat of late August to grow and bloom. We thought they were weeds at first because they were mixed in with some clover that had taken root, but as they grew, they bloomed into Celosia. Officially, it's an annual in this planting zone. Either way, when you look them up, they sound challenging to grow intentionally. Nevertheless, they are effortless in this spot, in this moment, and so I marvel at the surprise gift. It can be easy to overlook the effortless gifts. We all have them. Maybe we do not notice them because they have always been there and we are often focused on our failings or challenges, or how we compare to others. Or we devalue them simply because for us they are effortless. It does my heart good though, to take a minute and marvel at the complexity of such wonders freely given....and discover new ones.


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