Next First Blossom

    I went outside yesterday and noticed that our lemon tree has a blossom.

    This is a big deal, because this lemon tree has been through a bunch. Shortly after it began blooming two years ago, our puppy got into it and ate it. We found one lone stem with roots still attached in our backyard. I replanted it with some long shot hope that it would come back. 

    Last summer it lived in our puppy-free front yard, we brought it in for the winter, and then put it back out in prime sun as soon as the weather was warm enough this past spring. We noticed six months ago that it had begun to grow thorns. Sometimes this hybrid version does that.  Do you see them?

    This is all to say that its ok to feel chewed up and left bare in the dirt. Growing can be hard, sometimes the thorns show up before the flowers....and sometimes it takes a few more seasons than you'd like before that next first blossom.




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